Facebook, Inc. (FB) Swings on Assorted News with Pareteum Corporation (TEUM), and


Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) retreated its position after shares change of 0.93% on Wednesday and it traded at $177.63. The 52-week high of the share price is -3.59% and 52-week low of the share price is 54.77%.

The Russian Facebook (FB) scandal damages liberals as much as the right, Thomas Frank. December is the month for retrospectives about the year’s most interesting news stories, and my nominee is the tale of the Russian Facebook advertisements, which burned across front pages a few months ago.

The ads in question were memes, manufactured and posted to a number of bluntly named, pseudo-American Facebook accounts in 2016 by workers at a troll farm in St Petersburg, Russia. There were thousands of these ads, it seems, plus parallel efforts on Instagram and Twitter. Between them, they reached over 100 million people.

Take a moment to look up some of these false-flag proclamations — the ones produced for Facebook pages such as “Being Patriotic”, “Secured Borders” or “Army of Jesus”. They are nothing like the polished and scientifically tested Madison Avenue products that once alarmed our parents’ generation. This was low-budget stuff: ugly, loud and stupid — hectoring declarations in brightly colored script over stock photographs.

The ads were clumsily written. They were rife with spelling errors and poor grammar. Their grasp of American history was awful. And over them all hovered a paranoid fear that the powerful were scheming to flip the world upside-down in the most outlandish ways: to turn our country over to the undocumented … to punish the hardworking … to crack down on patriots and Christians … to enact Sharia law right here at home.

The shares performance of FB was -3.71% for the last one month and -2.67% in the previous week, whereas year to date performance was calculated 52.97%. The goal of share performance is to compare managers to the interests of shareholders. Their goal is alike to employee stock-option plans, as they offer an explicit incentive for management to focus their efforts on maximizing shareholder value. When calculating in the EPS estimates for the current year from sell-side analysts, the Price to current year EPS stands at 170.20%. Investors looking further ahead will note that the Price to next year’s EPS is 13.16%.

In latest trading session, Pareteum Corporation (NYSE:TEUM) reduced -7.14% with 28.82 Million trading volume. Pareteum Corporation (NYSE:TEUM) reported that it has completed development enabling it to add support of Blockchain technology to its billing and settlement services. This newest service capability enables Pareteum consumers to participate in the transformational “Digital Economy Monetization to the Cloud” and now accept and process Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Airtokens and other forms of cryptocurrencies.

According to Coinschedule, $287 million of cryptocurrency transactions or 7.8% of ICOs involved payments in 2017. This evolution kickoff in 2016, noted Coinschedule, within the mobile payment industry with more than 50% of mobile users making a mobile payment, and it has continued in 2017 with the market expanding to $60 billion in mobile payments. Perhaps the biggest disrupter may be the technology behind digital currency. Blockchain has been noted as the potential foundation for building a new generation of transactional applications that establish trust and transparency while streaming business processes, which is critical to advancing adoption of mobile payments among consumers and businesses.

The new feature being offered to all Pareteum’s Worldwide Mobility Cloud consumers will allow them to not only accept the cryptocurrencies but also to perform payment processing and settlements with their partners in any currency. For example, in the case of Smart Cities in emerging markets, creation of their own local cryptocurrencies is now a reality, facilitating primary economic benefit with the cities for their citizens. Last year, Pareteum reported a partnership with Airfox to integrate their advertising subsidy platform into the Application Exchange and Developer’s Platform exchange based on the requirement for advertising to subsidize the costs of growing data service usage. Since then subsidies have gone beyond advertising and into micro-loans and cryptocurrency as the mobile phone penetrates more of daily life.

TEUM has the current ratio of 0.20 for the latest quarter. As concerns shares volumes, in share Capital Company has 31.18 million outstanding shares among them 19.19 million shares have been floated in market exchange. The firm’s institutional ownership remained 10.20% while insider ownership included 6.80%.

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